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Custom Made Barred Rubber Legs

It is easy to make your own barred or striped legs. All you need is round rubber legging material and a Prismacolor waterproof marker in the color of your choice

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Step 1

Clamp a piece of living rubber leg material in your vice. The material can be either round rubber of flat rubber. The color of leg material I'm using here is white. I will be making black stripes on it with a waterproof marking pen.

Use your choice of of leg material color and marker color. Another color combination that I like is yellow legs with either black, red, or green striping.

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Step 2

Straighten out the rubber leg but don't stretch it. Then, using the index finger and thumb of your left hand to maintain the tension, use your index finger and your thumb of your right hand to twist the rubber six to eight times.

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Step 3

Hold the twisted rubber, with slight tension, with your left hand and coat the top of the rubber with the Prismacolor marker.

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Step 4

Release the rubber and you have created barred legs. By the way, the more you twist the rubber the closer the barring will be and converseley, the less you twist the legs before applying the marker, the wider the barring will be.

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Step 5

If you want to "kick them up a notch" paint a red tip on the legs.

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