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Fly Tying Materials

LinkRocky Mountain Dubbing Company

If I were going to buy deer hair over the net this is where I would buy it. Check out there online store for a variety of great products.

LinkWapsi Fly Company

This is the mother of all fly tying materials companies. If you can't bring up their web site go to your browser and type in www.wapsifly.com

LinkUmpqua Feather Merchants

Umpqua is the largest supplier of commercially tied flies in the country. Go to their site to view all of their flies including several dozen bass flies.

LinkGriffin Enterprises, Inc.

Griffin offers a number of fine fly tying products. I use their bobbins, deer hair comb, and applicator bottle and brush. You can order direct from the company by telephone.

LinkLiving Rubber Company

The Living Rubber Company offers the flat pure rubber legs that I use in most all of my flies. The rubber comes in a variety of colors and widths. I prefer the smallest size in most instances. You can order direct from this company.


This company offers a variety of flies, foam, non-foam, tools,etc.

LinkHareline Dubbin, Inc.

Hareline Dubbin offers a number of great products including their famous animal fur dubbing.

LinkWhiting Farms

This is your source for the finest fly tying feathers in the world. Whiting's web site shows you in vivid detail all of their feather products. I use many of their fly tying feathers and they are the best.

Fly Tying Catalogs

LinkMurray's Fly Shop

The place to buy your materials to tie Murray's Marauder and Murray's Strymph.

LinkStoneriver Outfitters

One of my favorite mail order and online mail order houses. One of three I go to when I can't find a fly tying supply locally. Hunter's have one of the most beautifully illustrated fly tying catalogs in the business.They are a major source for Whiting Feather Products.

LinkFeather-Craft Fly Fishing

Feather-Craft is another great web site and mail order house. It is my second mail order source. A well illustrated catalog that ranks right up there with Hunter's fly tying catalog.

LinkBob Marriott's Annual Guide to Fly Fishing

Another great mail order house. Web site isn't bad either. The largest and most complete catalog available. If you can't find it at Bob Marriott's you probably won't find it anywhere. Another one of my go-to catalogs.

LinkFlyfisher's Paradise

Another great fly tying materials source. Their web site has a complete online instructional course in Beginning Fly Tying.

LinkBadger Creek Fly Tying/eflytyer.com

This is Mike Hogues web site. Mike was a pioneer in creating an online fly fishing store. I have shopped his web site for years, when he was in Iowa and now that he is in upstate New York. Check out his fly patterns page, fly patterns and recipes from salmon flies to brim flies.

LinkJann's Netcraft

Netcraft has been providing fly tyers with the finest fly tying tools and materials since 1941. Large selection of fly tying tools, feathers, necks, hooks, fur and synthetic materials. They pride themselves in fast, courteous service.

Fly Fishing Organizations

LinkFederation of Fly Fishers

This is an organization that every fly fisherman should join. The federation, through it's regional councils, advocate for fly fishers on the national and regional level in the United States. The web site has a fly pattern archive that features dozens of flies from the "Fly of the Month Page." There is also a "Warmwater Page" where fly fishing articles are posted and a "Bulletin Board" where you can participate online.

LinkHawkeye Fly Fishing Association

This is the web site for my state fly fishing association. A number of years ago we published a fly pattern book with hundreds of flies, their photos, and their recipes. Click on the "Fly Patterns Page" on the navigation bar for dozens of fly patterns for pike, bass, and panfish.

LinkNorth Arkansas Fly Fishers

This is the club, located in Mountain Home, Arkansas that sponsors the famous Sow Bug Roundup each March. The three-day event features close to a hundred fly tiers tying their favorite flies. Click on "Fly Pattern Archive" on the navagation bar for warmwater fly patterns.

LinkNortheastern Oklahoma Fly Fishing Club

This is the club that sponsors the Smallmouth Rendezvous & Fly Tying Extravaganza each May. This is a two-day event that is free to the public. You also can fish the famous Illinois River for Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted, and Rock Bass.

LinkFederation of Fly Fishers Southern Council

The Southern Council holds its annual conclave each October in Mountain Home, Arkansas. This three-day event features about eighty fly tiers tying their favorite flies and a number of nationally prominent speakers. Click on "Long Casts" on the navagation bar for issues of the clubs magazine that features at least one fly pattern in each issue.

LinkFederation of Fly Fishers Southeastern Council

The Southeastern Council holds it's annual conclave each June at the famous Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, just one-hour south of Atlanta, GA. Attendees are able to fish the beautiful Callaway Lakes for giant bass and bluegills at reduced rates during the conclave.

LinkOzark Flyfishers

Ozark Flyfishers is a St. Louis, Missouri based fly fishing and conservation organization affiliated with the Federation of Fly Fishers. Click on "Flies" on the navagation bar for fly patterns and recipes.

LinkThe Smallmouth Alliance

The Smallmouth Alliance is a group of conservation minded anglers who recognize the outstanding sporting characteristics of the Smallmouth Bass. Check thier links page for other organizations that may feature fly patterns.

LinkUnited Fly Tyers

United Fly Tyers is the oldest continuously active fly tying organization in the United States. They are currently building a fly pattern data base.

Link Buckeye United Fly Fishers

This club is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out their fly tying page.

Fly Fishing Web Sites

LinkThe Bluegill Pond

This is the web site for Terry and Roxanne Wilson who are ardent warmwater anglers. Check out their great web site and also Terry's appearance on the "Featured Tiers" page on warmwaterflytyer.

LinkFly Anglers Online

This is the premier fly fishing web site. Check out the fly patterns archive for lots of warmwater flies along with photo enhanced step-by-step instructions. Also, check out the "Tying Tips Page."

LinkWarmWater Fly Fisher

This is my friend Elmer Meiler's web site. A great site filled with good warmwater fly fishing info and dozens of flies, recipes, and tying instructions for all warmwater species.

LinkJack Gartside

This is Jack Gartside's web site. Jack is the creator of the famous Gurgler and the Sparrow along with several other flies for warmwater game fish. Click on the "Site Map" on the navagation bar and then on "Articles" for a bunch of his patterns along with instructions for tying them.

LinkMountaineer Flies

Several fly patterns for smallmouth bass.

LinkGlobal Fly Fisher

Check out site map on top navagation bar and scroll down to patterns. Many of them work in warm water.

LinkBass Bug Central

Fly patterns and tying instructions for largemouth, smallmouth, carp, and panfish.

LinkAbout Fly Fishing

A great site with articles on warmwater fly fishing.

LinkRiver Smallies

Click on fly photos for flies and instructions for tying them.

LinkFishing With Flies

Lots of flies, recipes, and instructions.

LinkFly Tying Forum

Great pattern data base with photos and limited instructions.

LinkFly Tying World

Large fly index with photos and recipes

LinkOnline Fly Tyer

Check out the "Article Archive" and "The Fly Box" for great warmwater fly recipes.

LinkThe Bass Pond

Bass Spinner Flies with recipes.

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