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Green Red Head

The Green Red Head is tied exactly like the Yellow Red Head. To tie the Green Red Head use the materials listed below and follow the photo enhanced step-by-step instructions for the Yellow Red Head.

Materials List - Green Red Head

Hook Mustad 3366 Size 2
Thread 8/0 Uni-Thread and Flat Waxed Nylon Chartreuse
Weedguard Mason Hard Mono 17#
Tail Marabou Blood Feather Chartreuse
Tail Whiting American Hen Hackle Chartreuse and Grizzly
Skirt Whiting American Hen Hackle Chartreuse
Body Deer Body Hair Chartreuse, Black, Red, Orange
Legs Live Rubber Small Chartreuse
Eyes Molded Plastic Small - Chartreuse

Click here for step-by-step tying instructions.

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