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Craft Fur Clouser - Baby Smallmouth

The Craft Fur Clouser is my variation of Clouser patterns in the Deep Minnow Series. The Baby Smallmout is one of those patterns where I replace the traditional bucktail with craft fur. It works very well.

Materials List

Hook Mustad 3366 Size 6
Thread 6/0 Uni-Thread Brown
Eyes Lead Barbell Extra Small - 1/100th oz.
Belly Craft Fur White or Cream
Back Craft Fur Brown over Green
Flash Material Crystal Flash and Flashabou Peacock and Copper

Tying Tips

This little streamer is tied in the Clouser Deep Minnow fashion.

The Peacock Crystal Flash and the Copper Flashabou should be tied in after the green craft fur and before the brown craft fur is added.

Tying Instructions

Use the materials listed above and follow the tying instructions for the Craft Fur Minnow.

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